Corporate Milestone

Since 2010

Global-growing Period

2019In preparation of production commencement in Shang’rao facility for AIWAYS Auto

2018Preparation for production in Liuzhou GM-Wuling Automobile

2018Commenced production in Wenzhou facility for Weltmeister Auto base

2018Commenced production in Qingdao and Tianjin facilities for FAW-VW bases

2017Introduced YFPO as new JV partner for Changchun bumper facility

2017Commenced production in Hangzhou Bay facility with the launch of the first automotive textile plant in China with complete processes.

2015Commenced production in Nanchang facility.

2015Commenced production in Hangzhou Bay facility for Ford and Geely supply.

2013Commenced production in Foshan facility for FAW-VW Foshan base.

2013Commenced production in Wuhu and Yantai facilities

2012Established a moulding company in Germany through acquisition

2012Shares of the company listed on the main board in Hong Kong

2010Commenced production in Chengdu facility for FAW-VW Chengdu base

2000 - 2010

fast-developing Period

2007Commenced production in Chongqing facility for Chang’an Ford Chongqing base

2005Became an approved supplier of Beijing Benz Automotive

2004 Established Ningbo Hualete with two German textile manufactures, Roekona and Zoeppritex for production of high-end automotive textile products

2002Commenced construction of production facilities in Changchun with site area of about 40,000 sq.m

1990 - 2000

Growing Period

2000Became an approved supplier of Shanghai General Motors

1999Became an approved supplier of Chery Automobile and Shanghai Delphi (now SDAAC)

1995Became an approved supplier of FAW-Volkswagen

1993Established Ningbo Huazhong Plastic

1980 - 1990

Early Establishing Period

Huazhong officially stepped into the automotive parts industry

1986Commenced production of automotive air-conditioning parts with Shanghai VW as a main customer.

1980Established Xiangshan Post & Electricity Plant